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10 Buyer Services
5 Steps to a Successfull Sale

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Personally meet with a New Century Real Estate Agent at your home or by a Zoom Conference. The Agent will be pleased to review all marketing material related to the service level the seller chooses. Just contact New Century Real Estate using the contact form located on the "Contact NCRE" page. 

10 Critical Services Provided to Clients of New Century Real Estate


1. New Century Real Estate provides professional research to determine current market Property value.

2. New Century Real Estate will provide a complete list of full market & internet exposure.       

3. Guidance in preparation of state & federal regulatory property disclosures ensuring accurate facts.

4. Screening and qualifying buyers.

5. Negotiations conducted using a 30+ year experienced professional.

6. Following through financing process & working with appraisers

7. Insuring contractual process is followed and insuring critical dates are completed.

8. Supervision of inspection process with advice for resolution of any results from inspections.

9. Management of the title & closing process.

10. Assist in securing insurance meeting with lender and or buyer requirements.



Step #1-Choose Your Agent: Determine the Real Estate firm you desire to represent your property.  Many sellers have chosen the real estate firm that suggested the highest price for the property.  New Century Real Estate knows your choice of a real estate firm should be based upon the services offered, not the suggested value of the property.  The market determines the value of real estate, not the real estate company.  

Step #2-Market Analysis: After you have chosen the real estate firm you believe will best serve your needs,  New Century Real Estate, will provide a detailed “Market Analysis” of your property.

Step #3-Offering Price: Review the Market Analysis with  Bill and decide upon  the “Offering Price.”   In some rare instances the values the seller expects to receive and the value the real estate professional believes the property will sell for may be very different.  Bill will explain in detail the reasons for the differences and it may be that a full  appraisal should be  done on the property to help resolve the question of value.

Step #4-The Paper Work:  After deciding upon the Sale Price, formally listing the property is in order.  This requires the signature of all those who have an interest in the property which may be not just those on the deed.  Without exception- three forms are required by the New Hampshire Real Estate Commission- (1) Brokerage Relationship Disclosure (2) the Listing Agreement (3) Seller Property Disclosure.

Step #5-Continuous Up-dates: “List them and leave them” unfortunately is the result after many firms list a property.   New Century Real Estate will report to the property owner the accurate results of all showings and marketing efforts as soon as possible and to remain available to the seller.