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FINANCING- There is many financing options available.  No down payment programs as VA (Veterans).  FHA with as low as 3.5% down payment for single family or own up to a 4 apartment building.  Most "Conventional  finance programs require  at least 5% down payment. Low down payment as well as NHHFA first time home buyer financing and RD no down payment programs are available..  For more information contact Bill Arnott using the using the contact form on the “Contact Bill” page with your inquiry.


6 Basic Steps to a Successful Purchase
Step #1- Pre-Qualification-Today it is important to pre-approved by a lending institution.  This process means a buyer has at minimum given the lending institution (1) permission to do a credit report, (2) proof of employment and income, and (3) a list of all debts.  This information will enable the lending institution to pre-qualify you-the buyer. This basically determines the amount of money you may use per month for your housing– Mortgage, Taxes, and Insurance.  Qualifying also includes the amount of money needed by a buyer to purchase a home.  This will depend upon the mortgage program you choose.


Step #2 Determine Representations- Under New Hampshire & Vermont Law, before you are shown properties you must choose to (1) use the “Traditional Method” of being a customer or (2) purchase a home using “Buyer Representation”.  Bill will provide complete explanation of both and you can choose which will best serve your interest.


Step #3 Property Search- A buyer is  able to search for a property through the use of Bill’s automatic system which provides a buyer with properties as they come on the market.  As a result, a buyer is not too late to see the property. 


Step #4 Making an Offer- This is the moment when a buyer offers to purchase property at a price and terms acceptable to the buyer & seller.  A good faith deposit usually accompanies the Offer.  Usually the amount is between $500 and $5000 but is negotiable between buyer & seller. 


Step #5 Mortgage Application- The buyer will select a Lending Institution ( in all likely hood the institution having given the pre-qualification) which will loan the money.  Initial fee is approximately $400.  And is usually collected at  application.  During the process of being approved the buyer usually completes all home inspections. 

Step #6 Approval & Closing- In most cases approval of financing occurs 4-5 weeks after application with the transferring of the property to the buyer occurring within 3 weeks following  financing approval.  Closing is the moment when the buyer gets the keys.